Quality and relevant education for its clientele to be globally competitive, culture sensitive, and morally responsive human resources for sustainable development.


To accelerate the socio-economic development, promote harmony among diverse communities, and improve the quality of life through instruction, research, extension, and  resource generation in Southern Philippines.

Core Values

 G  –  Goodness

 R  –  Responsiveness

 E  –  Excellence

 A  –  Assertion for Right and 

 T  –  Truth

USM Quality Policy Statement

The University of Southern Mindanao, as a premier university, is committed to provide quality instruction, research development and extension services, and resource generation that exceed stakeholders’ expectations through the management of continual improvement efforts on the following initiatives:

  1. Establish Key Result Areas and performance indicators across all mandated functions;
  2. Implement quality educational programs;
  3. Guarantee competency of educational programs;
  4. Spearhead need-based research outputs for commercialization, publication, patenting, and develop technologies for food security, climate change mitigation, and improvement in the quality of life;
  5. Facilitate transfer of technologies generated from research to the community for sustainable development;
  6. Strengthen relationship with stakeholders;
  7. Sustain good governance and culture sensitivity; and
  8. Comply with customer, regulatory, and statutory requirements.



Assumes the prime role in pursuing a culture of excellence in agricultural instruction, research, extension, and production activities. It endeavors to train morally upright men and women who will be leaders in various fields of agricultural education, science and technology. 



Produce graduates who are locally and globally competitive; develop or train manpower resources who will provide moral leadership in the socio-economic and agro-industrial development of Southern Philippines in support of national development endeavors.

Specifically, the CA aims to produce BS, MS, and PhD degree holders who are:

  1. well-trained and skilled in the production and management of all kinds of crop and livestock;
  2. competent and proficient agricultural extension specialists and vocational teachers in agriculture;
  3. expert crop protection managers and farming systems specialists with management strategies built on the premise of sound and sustainable agricultural practices;
  4. competent plant breeders and tissue culture experts;
  5. skilled soil scientists and soil fertility management experts;
  6. proficient in communication skills; and
  7. equipped with excellent entrepreneurial capabilities.